Samarbete och produktivitet inom systemutveckling (English), Best practice

Strategies and best practices for spreading and acquiring knowledge within a systems development organization

In this white paper we will discuss how changing the technologies, tools or methods you use can make your development department more productive and deliver even better quality. We will also touch different aspects of what makes a developer more productive. The main part of the white paper covers ways to introduce new technologies in a sustainable fashion and how to uphold a high level of knowledge and innovation. The focus is on spreading and acquiring knowledge, which is vital to lower your risks and increasing your momentum. You will find principles and best practices that are suitable for all types of organizations and industries; whether it is web development or embedded systems.

We have seen numerous projects and techniques put to use and strive to keep learning about what works and what does not. As a consulting agency, our product is our consultants and their knowledge. We need to constantly improve in order to separate us from other agencies, both as a provider of consultants and knowledge but also as a place to work and grow. In this report we would like to share with you our experiences of spreading knowledge and helping our clients develop their skills.



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