Market InBrief: Manufacturing Sweden 2014

Manufacturing is a hugely important industry in Sweden. It is the second largest sector after services in terms of contribution towards GDP, and is by some distance the largest in terms of software and IT services (SITS) expenditure.

The Swedish manufacturing market is a heterogeneous sector with many very large firms operating across a number of sectors. The country’s manufacturers are particularly strong in ‘high-value’ manufacturing segments where companies can generate competitive advantage through innovation, rather than more generic industry sectors that rely on high volume but low margin models. This approach is based upon manufacturers taking advantage of the strong education system in Sweden, with skilled employees in areas such as engineering and product development.

Given these market circumstances, Sweden has a strong presence in the more complex manufacturing sub-sectors where there are strong opportunities to develop innovative products. There is a particularly strong automotive sector, comprising of firms such as Volvo Group, Volvo Cars, Scania and Saab Auto, as Profile of the Manufacturing Sector Major Accounts as well as several strong ‘hi-tech’ manufacturing sectors. This grouping includes major defense manufacturers, such as Saab Group and Volvo Aero, industrial equipment manufacturers, such as Atlas Copco and SKF, and electronics and telecom equipment manufacturers, such as Ericsson and Electrolux… Download full market InBrief below

  • PAC’s Comment on the Manufacturing Sector
  • Profile of the Manufacturing Sector
    • Major Accounts
    • Sector Economy vs. SITS Market
  • Characteristics of the IT Market in the Manufacturing Sector
    • Market Segmentation (SITS Market)
    • Growth Rates Forecast (SITS Market)
    • IT Market KPIs (country comparison)
  • Medium-term Trends in the Manufacturing Sector
    • Major Trend Topics
    • Discussion of Most Relevant Topics
  • Provider Landscape in the Manufacturing Sector
    • Major Software Providers
    • Major IT Services Providers

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