THOUGHT LEADERSHIP April 2015 – Why wireless electric charging will become essential

After last months Thought Leadership about Graphene here comes the next major discovery that will change the game plan… again

We are not quite sure why more people aren’t involved in this project, but – well, imagine that you never had to charge any of your devices, ever, again. Or buy new batteries. Or run out of power. This is not a trivial pursuit: it would be a life-saving event. In fact, it falls within a larger family of discoveries, such as that we wrote about in the last Thought Leadership, with Graphene pulling hydrogen right out of the atmosphere, for use in fuel-cell cars. Or electronics devices, using a new MIT-derived technology, pulling power from radio waves already in the environment. It may not be free energy in the thermodynamic sense, but it doesn’t cost anything… Read more in this months Thought leadership

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