THOUGHT LEADERSHIP July 2015 – Frictionless commerce


To follow our tradition we leave you with a little longer Thought Leadership for the lazy period of July.
Your thoughts are as always welcome!


  • The customer journey is flawed and is costing billions of dollars annually through lost revenue and crippling fraud losses.
  • Today’s younger consumer generation has less brand loyalty than we have ever seen before.
  • We are beyond weak user experience. The customer journey is, in fact, fundamentally broken.
  • Uber hasn’t reinvented the wheel; rather, it’s understood the pain points and simplified the process to deliver a massively effective business model.
  • The leading banks all appear in the top 10 least favoured brands by this generation.
  • We’ve always used the voice input “technology”; it just has finally caught up with the rest of our digital lives.
  • Unlike synthetic credentials attributed to a user, voice biometrics is the user and for businesses, there is no need for new hardware; voice biometrics is ubiquitous across channels and devices that you and your customers already have.

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