Apply Strategic Foresight to Enable IT-Led Growth – PPTx

Be the disruptor, not the disrupted!


  • To become recognized and validated as a forward-thinking CIO, you must establish a structured approach to innovation management that considers external trends as well as internal processes.
  • The CEO is expecting their investment in IT innovation to yield either cost reduction or revenue growth, but growth cannot happen without opportunity identification.


  • Business model disruption, facilitated by technological innovation, is happening faster than organizations can react to it.
  • Smaller, more agile organizations have developed an advantage because they have less resources sunk into existing operations and can move faster.


  • Be the disruptor, not the disrupted. This blueprint helps you plan proactively and identify opportunities ahead of time.
  • This blueprint gives you the tools you need to effectively process the signals in your environment, build an understanding of relevant trends, and turn this understanding into action.

Since 2015 Radar is a partner to Infotech Research Group

Through the partnership Radar can empower it´s local customers with the models, templates and resources that one of the worlds largest analytical company is offering. Infotech has over 30 000 global customers and supports Fortune 500 organizations with operational and strategic daily tasks.

Radars advisors are contributing in refining and building new templates, resources and advise in different best practice areas to the benefit of Infotechs global customer base.

Radar advisors are certified in all Infotech models and the over 300 strategic global advisors are available through the partnership if need should occur.


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