Migrate to Office 365 Now

One small step to cloud, one big leap to Office 365. The key is to look before you leap


  • As Microsoft continues to push Office 365, the transition has likely already been decided, but uncertainty surrounds the starting point and the best path forward.
  • Obscurity around licensing, the lack of a clear migration process, and evaluating the appropriateness of the cloud complicates what many now realize is anything but a simple Office suite transition.


  • The preparation process to migration is very complex and strains resources whether the business has qualified for Microsoft’s Fast Track or not.
  • The project leader must carefully consider the user needs before starting. Without rightsizing the licensing model to meet the requirements of the intended user base, businesses risk wasting resources on an application that sits in the cloud unused.
  • Knowing where to start, getting buy-in from your team, identifying key relevant resources, and collecting the necessary data are big roadblocks that an IT manager or project leader must tackle.
  • Underlying risk to transition is not clear and causes concern regarding security of information and changes in the user interaction model with applications.


  • Gain an assessment of the underlying risk associated with a migration to the cloud, build mitigation strategies to counter risk or impending issues, and identify project interruptions before they happen.
  • Prepare a fit-for-purpose roadmap and communication plan for a successful migration of on-premises Office services and applications to Office 365.
  • Demonstrate IT’s due diligence by relaying the project findings and results back to business stakeholders using Info-Tech’s Office 365 Migration Plan Report.

Since 2015 Radar is a partner to Infotech Research Group

Through the partnership Radar can empower it´s local customers with the models, templates and resources that one of the worlds largest analytical company is offering. Infotech has over 30 000 global customers and supports Fortune 500 organizations with operational and strategic daily tasks.

Radars advisors are contributing in refining and building new templates, resources and advise in different best practice areas to the benefit of Infotechs global customer base.

Radar advisors are certified in all Infotech models and the over 300 strategic global advisors are available through the partnership if need should occur.


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