Thought Leadership X-mas special: Behind 5G

While most consumers think of 5G as a chance to get better digital values, corporate CEOs see their futures made or threatened and national leaders see their political influence or national economic models grow or decline by who will win in the next couple of years. 5G has more to do politics than IT….. 

2019, we’re going to start seeing the rollout of the first 5G wireless systems, starting with Verizon in four markets in the US and moving through multiple carriers worldwide over the next few years. The first cities in US to have 5G will be Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. KTH in Stockholm got the first 5G base station up and running in cooperation with Ericsson and Telia in December 2018. As a reference China has over 350 000 5G base stations running and the US 30 000 which gives China a huge advantage in testing new applications and services. 


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