What is user-facing AI?

Imagine if launching a video conference were as simple as saying, “Please call the main boardroom.” The call would then automatically be put through by a virtual assistant running a natural language processing algorithm.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in user-facing scenarios refers to the automation of user- or customer-facing tasks. The end goal is two-fold: to decrease the burden on human support service providers while increasing user satisfaction.

This development comes at the junction of two previous trends: automated cognition (intelligent systems) and immersive UX. It goes beyond previous thinking of simplifying user interfaces to removing them altogether. Intelligent machines are learning to live in our ecosystem and speak our language, sometimes literally. AI is also reaching us using digital tools we already have, as with chatbots interacting over Facebook messenger to book flights or doctor’s appointments.

This will impact customer satisfaction as well as user efficiency within the organization.


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