The second wave of digital transformation – cultural and organizational challenges

A study from Radar Ecosystems, Redpill Linpro and Red Hat.

We are in the midst of a wave of digitalization, which affects nearly all industries and organizations. The overwhelming majority have invested in digital transformation in order to create new opportunities, increase efficiency and/or meet the threat from new disruptive organizations.

This study shows that the full benefits from digital investments have not been reaped. The main constraints have been lack of budgets and competencies. In mature organizations where implementation of the technical platform has been carried out, issues still remain with culture and organization.

A second wave of digital transformation is needed in order to maximize the return on technological investments. Changes in culture and organization has to follow in order to capture the full promise of technology. A cultural transformation that enables an open and transparent climate where data is seen as the most important asset are the fundament for the second wave of digital transformation. Data needs to be accessible and refined throughout the organization through digital ecosystems, thereby providing the organization with the key for innovation and efficiency.

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