Global Tech Trend 2021

In this global trend report Radars partner Future Today Institute and Amy Webb have analyzed nearly 500 technology and science trends across multiple industry sectors. We have added some local insights and thoughts to each major trend theme.

With the benefit of both hindsight and strategic foresight, we can choose a path of reinvention. A tumultuous U.S. election, extreme weather events and Covid-19 continue to test our resolve and our resilience. Exponential technologies—artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, exascale computing, autonomous robots, and off-planet missions to space—are challenging our assumptions about human potential. Under lockdown, we’ve learned how to work from our kitchen tables, lead from our spare rooms, and support each other from afar. But this disruption has only just begun.

The sheer scale of change, and the great uncertainty that came with it, produced two factions: those who wanted to reverse time and return the world to normal, and those who embraced the chaos, faced forward, and got busy building the future.

We see it as Radar mission to get as many as possible in Sweden and the Nordic countries to do the latter – lets face forward and through the use of technology and mature and informed decisions build the future!

This report will serve as an overview over the different trends and we will come back to each and one of the in separate reports covering the topics in depth.

This report covers the following:

  • Artificial Intelligence Summary
  • Scoring & Recognition Summary
  • New realities & Information Summary
  • Work culture & Play Summary
  • Health Summary
  • Home & Electronics Summary
  • Policy & Government Summary
  • Privacy & Security Summary
  • Blockchain & Crypto Summary
  • 5G, Robots & Transportation Summary
  • Energy, Climate & Space Summary
  • Biotech & Agriculture Summary