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Market InBrief: Banking Norway 2014

The Norwegian banking industry is highly fragmented, typified by the large number of ‘Sparebanken’ (mutually owned savings banks serving the local region). According to the Norwegian Savings Bank Association, there were 108 savings banks in Norway in 2013. According to Finance Norway, the Norwegian financial services trade association, there are 735 branches of savings banks, […]

Market InBrief: Insurance Norway 2014

The Norwegian insurance market is relatively small. It is by far the smaller aspect of the wider financial services industry, and the combined financial services contribution to Norway’s national annual accounts amounted to 4% in 2013 as reported by Statistics Norway. It is also a highly concentrated market with a few large players dominating the […]

Market InBrief: Manufacturing Sweden 2014

Manufacturing is a hugely important industry in Sweden. It is the second largest sector after services in terms of contribution towards GDP, and is by some distance the largest in terms of software and IT services (SITS) expenditure. The Swedish manufacturing market is a heterogeneous sector with many very large firms operating across a number […]

Konsultmarknad 2015 – Stora skillnader i värde- och volymtillväxt

Radar konstaterar stora skillnader i volym- och värdetillväxt i vårens stora analys av den svenska och nordiska konsultmarknaden. Volymtillväxten på den svenska IT-konsultmarknaden för 2015 beräknas uppgå till 9 procent men en utbredd priserosion resulterar i ett marknadsvärde som endast ökar en dryg procent till totalt cirka 50 Miljarder SEK i Sverige. Efterfrågan ökar generellt […]

Presentation för nedladdning: IT-­KOSTNADER OCH IT-­MARKNAD Sverige 2015

Presentationsmaterial i Pdf-format över fördelningen av IT-kostnader och IT-marknaden i Sverige 2015. Totala IT-kostnader fördelat per finansierande budget IT-budget fördelat per intern och extern del fördelat per sektor fördelat per verksamhetsstorlek IT-marknaden fördelat per marknadssegment fördelat per verksamhetsstorlek IT-tjänstemarknaden fördelat per verksamhetsomsättning Vänligen logga in för nedladdning…

Market InBrief: Transport sector Sweden 2014

The Swedish transport industry is made up of four main sub-segments, each of which has differing characteristics. Most aspects of the Swedish transport industry have been privatized, but the state still plays a very important role, whether through areas such as legislation, safety and maintenance of assets through Trafikverket, the national Transport Administration, or more […]